Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Not Saturday?

I thought today was Saturday.  This morning, Daddy was sitting in the recliner using the laptop, so it has to be a Saturday, right?  Nope, Mama said it's Thursday.  She asked me if I remembered watching Survivor last night.  I didn't remember that, but I don't pay much attention to the TV.  After she told me it was Thursday, I did my usual horse sound and went to sleep.  I was very disappointed.  Oh, my horse sound?  It's hard to describe, but I blow air through my mouth and I sound kind of like a horse.  Scout does it now, too which Mama thinks is really funny.  She doesn't know how I taught Scout to do it.

My leg is already returning to his regular size.  It had shrunk while it was in a cast and bandage.  Mama said she gives me a "C" grade for walking on it.  I'm doing better, but I still prefer to three-leg it.  We are working on it every day and it is getting stronger.

Mama is getting ready to work three jobs and she had to turn down a fourth one yesterday.  Do you believe that?  She only has one job that is permanent and the other two are more seasonal although she may be working them every month to stay active with the companies.  We just has to wait and see.   She discovered yesterday that she shouldn't take on hours after 4 p.m. because Scout and I don't like that.  We are ready to play at 4 p.m.   She is not allowed to have any background noise and we started whining.  She was very happy when her shift ended and so were we.  I really hope that she doesn't stress out as much with her training of job number three, like she did with job number two.  She was not fun to be around.   I really think she should just retire like me.  She would be much happier.

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