Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready To Meet Santa

I'm going to meet Santa this coming Sunday and get my picture taken with him.  I've never met the guy before.  Yesterday, Mama spruced up a collar for me to wear.  It was Jack's.  She added some sparkling things to it. When I'm out in the sunlight, I really sparkle.  I want to make a good impression because I've heard that he brings presents!

She made Scout a brand new collar.  She bought the material last year, but didn't have time to use it because they busy moving.  Mama was all excited about the collar and said it was cute.  Daddy said that Scout doesn't do "cute" and Scout agreed. 

Mama did photo sessions with us.  I think I look pretty good.

Thank you to everyone for their comments about my leg.  Mama and I were encouraged after reading them.  I did better walking yesterday.  I think it will just take time to build up my muscles.  We thought since I was doing so well with the bandage that I would do fine without it, but it's like starting over.  I think I'm already showing improvement, so we will just keep doing what we are doing.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Meet Santa Soon!

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