Sunday, November 6, 2011

Murphy's Law Struck Our House

Hi everyone,

It's me, Joey, telling you how this thing called Murphy's Law struck our house on Friday.  Mama applied for a second job a few weeks ago.  She had to take two classes and do a lot of homework and studying. She has been so stressed about it especially since Daddy kept asking her about it.  It's not a job that will replace her other job.  It's just a second job that is really just a seasonal, part-time job, so why worry right?  Well, she didn't want to fail again after taking a second job over the summer and absolutely hating it.  She worked really hard to get it and then found that it involved a lot of upselling which she hated doing.  She didn't like customers yelling at her because she pushed products on them and she didn't like trying to talk people into buying more things that they probably couldn't afford. She doesn't like when people try to do that to her.  She really hates sales.

She scheduled the second and final class for Friday morning.  She scheduled a time when she knew that Scout and I would be napping and not making any noise.  It's not that we are noisy anyway, but she wanted to be sure because this job requires no background noise AT ALL.  If you get caught with background noise of any kind you are suspended.   Well, Friday morning I woke Mama up at 4 a.m. because I had the "Big D".  Mama thought everything was okay, but took me out at 9 a.m. again to be sure I would be settled down before her class. She should have let me sleep.  I couldn't settle down and I kept running through the kitchen.  My nails were going click, click, click.  I would then come in Mama's office and whine, whine, whine, huff, huff, huff and then run back in the kitchen and click, click, click.  I did this through Mama's entire class and verbal test.  She thought for sure she would get in trouble.  She kept muting her phone.  The instructor kept asking her questions, so there were many chances for her to get caught. She almost just hung up the phone a few times, but she didn't.  Finally, two and half hours later, she was told she passed and could hang up the phone.  She hurried and put my boot on me and we ran outside and I did my business and then I was happy.  We came back in and I promptly slept the rest of the day.  That's the story of how Murphy's Law struck our house.

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