Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm A Big Boy Now

Apparently turning four makes me a big boy.  Mama said it was time for me to give up my crate.  I loved that crate!  She said that I no longer need it and we need to have it ready if our group, Greyhound Companions, needs it for another grey that is hurt or sick.  She took the extra foam that she had it in the crate and put it in my bed, so I guess that will make my bed more comfortable.  It's going to be strange not sleeping in the crate even though I haven't been zipped in it since I learned how to escape from it.

I visited the vet on Halloween.  I didn't wear my costume.  Daddy thought it would be silly, but some of the staff were dressed up, so I think they would have thought I was cute.  The vet said my leg looks great.  I didn't have any sores under the bandage, so that's really good.  He put a new bandage on me and I will have it taken off on the 10th.  If all goes as planned, I will come home with a naked leg on the 10th.  We did receive some disappointing news.  Mama still hasn't told Scout yet.  The vet doesn't want me running, playing or walking without a leash for four months!  I won't be able to play in the snow.  I'm bummed.  Scout has been trying her best to get me to play with her and I want to so much, but I can't.  The vet is very cautious and Mama said we need to do what he says.  Mama promised to take us to the park and on hikes to make up for the no playing rule.

I had a nice birthday.  Mama put a little peanut butter on our frosty treats.  I like peanut butter now, so that was a nice surprise.

After we had our treats, I opened up my present.

Oh, it's a skunk without a head.

It squeaks and it has something that sounds like crackling in it.  It's pretty cool!   I have to remember that my skunk toy is in the house and if I see something like it outside, I can't grab it.

After we played with my new toy, we each had a bully stick.  It was a good day!

The Greyhound Who Enjoyed His First Birthday In His Forever Home

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