Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy Days Ahead

We woke up this morning to a very rainy day. Our gutters must be clogged because we had to go through a waterfall to get off the porch.  That really woke me up.   It's supposed to rain for the next three days. We may get up to three inches.  I'm not fond of rain, but I really hate it with my leg in a cast/bandage. When it rains, Mama not only puts my boot on me, but a sock and a plastic bag.  Yep, today I had to wear three things.  My boot is supposed to be waterproof, but we noticed after a few days that it wasn't.  Mama called the place she bought it from and the lady said "Oh, does he have a hard cast on?"  "Well, a hard cast wears off the water proofing."  She told Mama to duct tape it and that will help it.  It would have been nice if they would have told us that from the beginning.  It works fine when it's dry out, of course, but when the grass is wet then I have to wear a sock with it and on days like today, we add a plastic bag to it.  The bandage comes off on Thursday, so we just need to get through a few more days, but they will be very wet days.  ::::sigh::::  I hope I don't get the Big D again this week.  That could be really bad. 

We had a fun day yesterday. We went to a state park that I hadn't been to before.  Well, no one could remember for sure if I had been there, but Mama said I hadn't.  Scout and Daddy thought I had.  I couldn't remember.  Daddy says I'm clueless most of the time.  I'm not sure what he means by that.  Anyway, we walked around the campsites and looked at all the lucky people that were camping.  We talked to the host and then we came home and slept.   We watched a football game that was really good until the end but then the Rams lost in overtime. Mama screamed at the TV and then left the room.  We thought we might be on a winning streak, but we were wrong.

There was just a break in the rain, so we rushed outside as fast as we could and did our business. We should be fine until this afternoon  That's a relief!

The Greyhound Who Plans On Sleeping Away A Rainy Day

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