Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Tree Is In Our House!

I've been having a really fun weekend with my family.  Friday, we went to the park.  We saw lots of other dogs. They definitely come in all different sizes, don't they?  The weather was wonderful, but then yesterday, it started raining and turned cold.  We didn't do much yesterday. 

Today, Mama ordered more ram for her computer and then realized that she ordered the wrong size.  She thought she had two expansion slots on her computer, but she doesn't.  She had to hurry up and call Dell and ask them to cancel it. It took about a half hour to get it canceled.  She had to hold, talk to someone, hold, talk to someone, hold, get transferred to someone else, hold and then talk to another person and then it was canceled.  She then had to order the correct size.

This evening, Mama decided to put up a tree in our house.  She had been debating it.  I don't totally understand why there is a tree in our house with lights on it and ornaments, but Scout says it's what we do at this time of the year.  Scout said that our tree looks different than other Christmas trees.   I guess the house that they lived in before this one was rustic, so that's why we have a rustic tree.  Mama said it's a good starter tree for me because there aren't any low branches.   Mama put ornaments on it that look like candy, but there aren't any hooks.  She is scared that I might swallow a hook.  Why would I do that?  I haven't really gotten close to it because Daddy keeps making a noise that I know means "NO". 

Here's our tree without a flash so you can see the lights better.  The Santa at the bottom is a bank that Mama's brother got when he was born.  He's almost 52 years old.  He didn't want it, so Mama has it.  Every year it was under her family's tree and since she and Daddy have been married, it has been under their tree.
Here is how the tree looks with a flash.

Mama has some ornaments that belonged to her grandparents, so those are older than the bank. They are big silver balls and are heavy. She said she can't put them on this tree.  We need to get a bigger tree next year so we can really decorate. 

The Greyhound Who Has A Tree In His House

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