Thursday, November 3, 2011

Camping Season Is Officially Over

The camping season here in Missouri is officially over.  It ends on Halloween.   People can still camp, but the state parks turn off the water.  There are some parks that keep a hose going for people to fill up their tanks, but not all.  Most people fill up their campers with water from home if they are going to camp now.  It is more expensive doing that because it weighs down your camper and if you pay for your water, well, you have to pay to fill up your camper. 

This past weekend, the park was almost full.  We stayed until Monday, so we watched everyone leave on Sunday.  It's really strange to see a park go from being full to empty.  Sunday night, it was just us and a pop-up at the campground.  Mama took pictures of the empty park as we were leaving.  It was sad saying good-bye to the park.

We really should have taken photos of the park when it was full.   The whole place was full of tents and campers.

We followed Daddy home instead of riding in the motor home because Daddy was concerned about the brake that the cars uses when it is towed.  We were only about 40 minutes from home, so it wasn't a big deal to ride in the Jeep.

I've really enjoyed my first three camping trips.  It's so much fun seeing new things, people and strange looking dogs.

We may go camping for Thanksgiving.  We have to wait and see how the weather is before we can say for sure.  Next year, I won't have my cast or bandage, so I will have even more fun than this year.  I can't imagine having more fun, but Mama says I will.  Weeeee!

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