Friday, November 18, 2011

Mama's Christmas Present Is Here

Mama saw something last week that she just had to have.  Daddy said if she wanted it, she could get it for Christmas, so she did.  It arrived a few minutes ago.  Do you want to see it?  It was hard getting a full picture of it because it's so big!

It's a blanket with our pictures woven into it!  It's really big and soft.  Mama designed it and chose different fonts for our names to match our personalities.  She really likes it! 

She found a coupon for Groupon and so she got it for half price.  She found another coupon for Groupon that appears to be active today, if anyone is interested: Groupon   The company is PhotoWeavers  They have a video on the website that shows you how they make the blankets.  The ordering was really easy.  The hardest part was picking out the pictures she wanted to use.  They tell you if the quality is not high enough and there were a few photos that Mama wanted to use of Jack that she couldn't.  I had to have a photo session for my photo because I didn't have any that she liked enough for the blanket.  She finally got one of me that she loves.  I think I look pretty good on a blanket.

Mama is not getting anything for telling everyone about the blanket.  She just likes to share when she finds something she likes and thinks others may also like it.  :-)

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